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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2012 3:30am-4:00am PST

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been done now. it should have been done another way in the past but that is over with. you cannot unring the bell. i recommend we approve the license and the powers to 1:30 a.m. and -- the hours to 1:30 a.m. and we come back to see if there's any problems. anybody? >> are you looking at me? >> i might want to discuss that. it was my first night on the commission when we heard this and i remember thinking, if i had been in my right mind i would have gone judge judy. i felt he presented himself here asking for a permit from us and it was my remembrance of the evening that it did not end well. when we release entertainment on
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to the community, we have to be responsible to the community. that is one of the reasons we're here and i have some concerns and there are community members who have voiced those concerns. if we put some sort of limitation and in six months possibly reviewed it, again, that would be my recommendation. >> what kind of limitations are you considering? >> i think maybe during the week, i would like to see some limitations 2 hours, maybe only entertainment, midnight, 1130 p.m., midnight. on the weekends, when 30 a.m. would be fine. that way we are not completely hindering the business but also putting some screws in. >> i do not think we're in a position to put in screws.
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if something happened, i do not think we should use the authority that is vested with us -- someone's behavior is not something you would expect. you're not wrong in calling what may have happened. if you look what happened subsequently, everything has been addressed. our responsibility is to make sure we have viable entertainment in the city. and for someone to make that investment and look at what is there, i do not want to penalize someone financially. and make it difficult for them to survive. if there is problems down the road, we have every bit of authority to address that. i do not want to vote, as you put, put the screws to him. >> i was at a loss for words. >> you said it. >> that is the kind of mentality. that is why we're here and why we have had these problems.
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i would like to from the commission, i ask you to get rid of all that and look at what we have got and what we want to put into the city. >> i have a comment. ever bottle -- a rebuttle. -- rebuttal. if you are going to blow up and say things and maybe people say you have got to maintain, no one knows how it will be later. there are certain decisions that have to be made. we can grant him 1:30 a.m. all the way through. he could change his mind or maybe someone who believes in someone but they screw him over and we have a big mess with the neighbors. 12:00 for a trial and 1:30 a.m. on the weekend is not unreasonable due to what happened in the neighborhood.
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again i live in that neighborhood. overrun union street area. and it is the same thing. people have been living there a long time, they're not opposed to it. and i think during the week day, it is quiet down there anyway. >> let me make a compromise. before you do that, i would like to throw this out there so we do not get locked in. how about if we allow him thursday through saturday, 1:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. on sunday whenever the following day if monday is a holiday. and that it be 12:30 p.m. on sunday through wednesday, and we revisit in six months to see if there are any issues or problems in the community. >> i would like to make a motion to approve this permit with our
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standard conditions within hours of entertainment to me midnight from sunday through wednesday, 1:30 a.m. thursday, friday, and saturday and 1:30 a.m. on sunday when the monday is a holiday. did i get that right? have you got that? >> for a trial period? >> he can come back and revise his hours. six months. >> i recommend three months. i do not want to penalize someone financially and in three months we will now if there is a problem in the community or not. is that agreeable? >> that amendment is agreeable. >> does that work for you guys?
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let me get the amendment right or the motion right. 12:00 a.m. sunday through wednesday, 1:30 a.m., thursday through saturday but on 130 on sundays when the following day is a holiday. >> do have questions about the motion? >> all we need is the second. >> do we have any mid-week holidays we would want to provide? not in the next months. >> my goal is not to penalize him. >> there are no more. >> i second. >> same house, same call? i can do same house, same call unless there are any objections. >> we will revisit this in three months. thank you. item d.
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somers, george. place of entertainment permit. >> this is an application for place of entertainment permit downtown for a medium sized lounge near the financial district on the soma side. this is the replacement of the old beake street 0-- beal street bar and grill. mr. somers has been before you. he was involved in a club on broadway. this includes live entertainment and corporate events. planning is indicating this is an approval of these.
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it looks like the other conditions. staff recommends it reckoned--- recommends a conditional grant. -- the staff recommends a conditional grant. >> i am here representing the. we have with us, i apologize. gloria is the majority owner and is under the weather and is not with us tonight. george somers and tim carlos are owners and managers of the premises. from 1988 until a couple of years ago, the beale street bar and grill was ordered an institution in the southern financial district. is basically an american girl, a sports bar, and a live music venue. survey honkey tonk band --
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soared of hockey top bands. -- sort of honky tonk bands. they forced her to move. they wanted her to go away. she put up a fight and got of money. this business is three blocks away near montgomery and minna. just a block from 111 minna gallery. that stretch has no housing. it is across the street from the parking garage for the museum of modern art. there are few art galleries there. the one business of note, the corner is to bully and the next is john collins, a very successful after work watering hole.
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at the behest of ms. cain, we were going to hire epic security but after talking to her, we decided that given the narrowness of that alley, we would have the same security company. that is top flight and we will consult with mike spearman. this is a multimillion dollar bill out. it will create 15 to 20 jobs. it will not cause much of a problem in the neighborhood because lucky enough, there are no neighbors. the neighborhood outreach, we have met with tracey irwin of business solutions. we contacted the yerbe buena
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benefits district and see if there are other stakeholders. we have spoken to every business in the neighborhood. they're excited about gloria moving her place down the street. the menu will be lobster, macaroni, grilled tacos, she sticks, al-marri. there is a plan we are going to open for late night dining, but has not come to fruition. we are requesting a conditional grant. anpresident newlin: is there any members of the public who want to address this issue? seeing none, do you want to add anything that your representative -- has so succinctly expressed? >> i want to make a motion to approve with our standard of
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good neighbor policy and scratch mission station's condition. president newlin: is there a second? >> second. >> without objection, same house, same call? president newlin: ok. go for it, good luck. item e. basso, tom, dba park 77. place of entertainment. >> this is an application for place of entertainment way out in the san francisco state university, lake merced area. the location has a tight 48 liquor license. it is a sports bar in a strip mall. they hired greater bay
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protective services as venue security. you're looking at an amended application. the applicant has owned and managed a place of entertainment located in the mission for a long time. i know him personally. at this time -- the, not like that. i am married. the capacity of the venue is 49. the intent to up that capacity with the fire department in the future because it is a fairly large space. this is a permitted use and the police department has recommended approval with conditions. staff recommends conditional approval. >> what is with the police department and these conditions?
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>> we need to talk to the permit officers again and get them on board. president newlin: that can come u in new -- up in new business or future items. anybody? >> on your application, it says in prague -- progress. could you elaborate what that means? >> i will elaborate. i want to show you how this venue is. ok. there is 19th avenue. this is park merced. this building here is there in the middle of that. they are not adjoining. they're not adjoining any residential units whatsoever. there is the front of the venue.
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very dark, i am sorry. ok. anyway, we did a lot of neighborhood outreach since then and i have been in touch with officer charles chan. it is hard to resist charlie chan. anyway, we have letters of support from the realty investment company that manages parkmerced and we have a sizable petition here. we -- they met with the police department, with the captain and the now-commander schmidt. as i got a list of neighborhood
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associations from officer tim,c -- chan, when i tried to track them down, they were defunct. we have a letter of support from the parkmerced residents association. and from a person with part recep. it is a straightforward project. this is tom basso. and angelo basso. they are brothers. >> a family affair. >> it is a family affair. they are working with the greater bay protective services.
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unfortunately they had to go to the hospital today and he is out of action. a rotator cuff problem. are there questions? >president newlin: any questions? to have public comment? seeing none, do we have a motion? >> i moved to approve with our standard commissions and do away with the station's conditions. >> second. >> without objection, same house, same call? president newlin: ok, good luck, all the best. item f. kietbumrunkul, charun, place of entertainment permit. >> the applicant requested a
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continuance on this permit until further notice. i think i need a motion to continue at the request of the applicant. >> i moved to continue at the request of the applicant. >> second. >> same house, same call? president newlin: god it -- got it. item g. off the grid llc, loudspeaker permit. >> this is super cool. they work with gourmet food truck owners to locatioe locations around the city. the organized six trucks today. the get seven. we only get six.
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between 11 and 2. to provide for workers at the chronicle building or the metrion area. the -- partner with 5m and intersection with the arts, they found artist for the benefit of people eating the m. e. food. this is a little out of the box in terms of an ongoing, every wednesday and friday application. we would do these at staff level 41 off. we have done this before. this is not the first time we have seen this kind of thing. i bring these to you when we are requesting an ongoing limited in
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scope loudspeaker permit application. they waited all this time. they're the youngest people in the room so you should let them speak. >> what are the hours? >> a 11 -- 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> lunchtime. >> we operate the event. wednesdays and fridays. we like to -- we take pride in activating the city and bay area. one of the things we have built a partnership with this intersection for the arts which runs out of 5m and we would like to support local musicians and give them a chance as we're giving local business owners a chance to succeed in entrepreneurship. >> you are close to midplaza. that is a great area.
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good for you. president newlin: any public comment? seeing none, -- >> do have entertainment or of live music of the grid? >> it is non-amplified. president newlin: any other questions? a motion. >> i move to approve. they pay musicians. president newlin: do we get a second? do we get a first? >> i second. >> without objection, same house, same call? >> you need to pay me to perform. >> would you call me tomorrow? >> the final item, number six. new business request for future
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agenda items. anybody? >> i want to ask you to have, vaj, you go to these meetings with the permit officers and do you talk to them about our conditions? we get these silly conditions that have to do with something we have no jurisdiction over and all this other stuff? >> you have to remember that often the conditions that are handed in by permit officers do not come from the officers but from their captains and lieutenants and sometimes from 850 itself. they are the messenger, not the creator. >> gotcha. >> good point. >> how are you doing? i -- a little public comment. i wanted to make you aware of an unpermitted new nightclub venue
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in miami -- want to be aware of. this new nightclub entertainment venue happens to me in a very beautiful high-rise mission district location. 22nd mission. you are shaking your head. >> i live around the corner. i wondered what was going on. >> i have been an eight-year tenant in the u.s. bank building on the fifth floor. previously on the seventh floor. i am going to make this brief. because of the time and all. the more detailed in the future. i did want to make you aware that yesterday, if formally notified mission station code enforcement officer who will have a previous communication relationship that just went through a police permit approval that was granted to me for my
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existing business operation, to which my only opposition of having a permit granted was my landlord which basically was concerned about security issues and safety issues regarding the issuance of a pawnbroker permit to my existing consulting firm. i then thought it would be most appropriate that i share with you, the commission that on january 21, at 10:08 p.m. -- we basically had an event that was taking place where there was over 150 people drinking
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alcohol they paid $6 for. drinking alcoholic beverages, buying food, and having rappers and dj's playing. >> and disco lights and a fog machines. >> i have owned an entertainment business for 20 years. i do respect the commission's take on having entertainment in san francisco. i do believe in that. in light of the fact they have no security ,no bc license, no approval from planning, no permit to conduct business, no fire permit, and no permit and all, this is -- this particular establishment goes by the name of
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they claim to be an online internet website company that is camouflaged. >> we got it. >> i have an order of new business. sorry, john. when we were at the committee of development at western soma, there was someone who did the old "there are needles in my garbage, there are needles in my st.." i know for a fact that needles are not, i would say 90% of the time -- not associated with my life. i met someone from the drug policy who went to europe, who
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went to a safe dance community. i think they should come here and give a presentation about what the europeans are doing around making drug policy part of the night life industry, as well as the kind of drugs people do, so we can clear up those misnomers people are bringing to the table. if we can get the drug policy alliance night life policy person to talk to us, i think it would be really helpful. >> commissioners, i know you want to get out of your -- >> we had public comment in the beginning. unless this is chattering. [laughter] all right. that concludes the february 28 meeting in the san francisco city and county of entertainment commission. thank you all.
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